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We’re a family company and everything we do is designed to help protect your family from pests. Learn about our story, our history, and our mission.

A grandmother and granddaughter coloring on the floor of their living room.

At Raid®, our goal has been to help protect homes and families from pests. That’s why the makers of Raid® have dedicated decades of research and refined our products to reduce the potential threat of household pests and help everyone live their lives unconstrained. Whether it’s day or night, indoors or outside, study time or playtime, Raid® helps protect families from pests that may carry diseases, so that everyone can live to their fullest potential.


A smiling entomologist, wearing a lab coat and glasses, standing in a lab of the SC Johnson® Institute of Insect Science for Family Health

For over 60 years, the SC Johnson family of pest control brands have been conducting research in insect science through one of the world’s largest privately owned urban entomology centers. Through our commitment to research and innovation, we create products that help protect families around the world.


A top view of a group of multiethnic people putting their hands together.

At Raid®, our mission is to help protect families from pests and the diseases they may carry. In addition to helping protect against insect-borne diseases, our group of pest control brands are leading initiatives globally to make an impact in the community by empowering women, educating children, and environmental sustainability. Click here to learn about some of our community initiatives around the world.